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PCV Medical

A restricted bus Licence can be obtained at age 18 (route and distance restrictions apply). A full bus Licence can be obtained at age 21.

By law a DVLA D4 form must be completed for both types of PCV Licence and a relevant medical examination must be passed before a Licence can be granted.

The current law for a PCV Licence is identical to that for HGV and LGV: a medical examination must be completed when you are applying for a first Licence, then a further medical examination at age 45 and thereafter at 5 yearly intervals until reaching the age of 65 when annual medicals are required.

The interval between having your medical examination and applying for your Licence (or Licence renewal) must not exceed 4 months. The DVLA must be made aware of any changes to the health of a PCV Licence holder at any time. This may result in a requirement for a further medical examination being carried out depending upon individual circumstances.

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