Forklift Operator Medical Certification Service

Who needs a Forklift Operator Medical Certification?

The HSE advise that an individual's fitness to operate workplace transport should required a separate medical standards DVLA equivalent for group 2.

Furklift operator: According to HSE L117 the guidance contained in Appendix 2, of the Health and Safety Executive publication 'Safety in Working with Lift Trucks' recommends that all Forklift Truck (FLT) operators, occasional and regular users are screened for fitness to work before and during employment.

orklift operators are individuals who operate industrial trucks, also known as forklifts or lift trucks, in various settings such as warehouses, construction sites, or manufacturing facilities. Due to the nature of their work, which involves operating heavy machinery, there are certain medical requirements and certifications that may be necessary for forklift operators.

The specific requirements for forklift operator medical certification may vary depending on the jurisdiction or company policies. However, in general, the following individuals may need to obtain a Forklift Operator Medical Certification:

New forklift operators: Individuals who are newly entering the profession of forklift operation may be required to undergo a medical assessment and obtain a certification before being permitted to operate a forklift. This is done to ensure that they are physically capable of safely handling the equipment and performing their duties.

Existing forklift operators: In some cases, forklift operators may be required to undergo periodic medical assessments and recertification to ensure that they maintain their physical fitness to operate a forklift. This could be an annual or biennial requirement, depending on the specific regulations or company policies in place.

The medical certification for forklift operators typically involves a physical examination to assess general health, vision, hearing, and any other relevant medical conditions that may impact their ability to safely operate a forklift.

It is important to note that the specific requirements for forklift operator medical certification may vary, and it is crucial for individuals to check the regulations or guidelines set forth by their local authorities or employers to ensure compliance. Ultimately, the aim of these certifications is to maintain a safe working environment for both the forklift operator and those around them.

Attending your Forklift Operator medical

  • Please arrive 15 to 10 minutes in advance your appointment to complete a form.
  • Please come to your medical wearing comfortable clothes so you can move easily in, as you may be required to do a step test.
  • Please remember to bring photographic ID (passport or driving license) and your glasses (do not wear contact lenses for your examination we will be asked to were them in the clinic).
  • Avoid loud noise for 16 hours before your medical as this may affect your hearing for the examination.

A routine medical examination approximately takes about 15 minutes; however, it may take longer depending on your medical history. We advise that you allow at least 1 hour for the appointment.

On the day at the clinic the Doctor of Kent D4 Medical will:

  • Check your identification.
  • Take a blood pressure measurement.
  • List of any medication you're currently taking.
  • List of any hospital consultant you see regularly.
  • Document your height, weight, smoking and alcohol history (To assist the Doctor it would be helpful to bring a note of your most recent weight and height with you).
  • Ask questions about your medical history and document it on the Forklift Operator medical form.
  • Bring all the letters and tests from hospital discharge, GP or specialist (cardiologist, neurologist, orthopaedics, medics, endocrinology and diabetes).

What you will need to bring:

  • Photo ID (passport, driving licence).
  • GP's name, surgery address and contact details.
  • Details of any medication you're taking (name and concentration).
  • Your glasses or contact lenses if you wear them (though not colour correction lenses). You will need to remove contact lenses during examination if you wear them.
  • Your previous medical certificate if you have one.
  • Comfortable footwear and clothes to enable you to undertake exercise test if needed.
  • List of any hospital consultant you see regularly.
  • Document your height, weight, smoking and alcohol history (To assist the Doctor it would be helpful to bring a note of your most recent weight and height with you).

What does the medical involve?

  • Measure your height and weight.
  • Take your blood pressure.
  • Test your eyesight.
  • Physical examination.
  • If you have any previous medical history then the doctor will discuss this with you too.
  • Sometimes other tests are needed such as a step test, an ECG or spirometry (breathing test) and will be recommended.

How long will it take?

The appointment usually lasts 30-60 minutes

How long is my certification is valid for?

The interval between having your medical examination and applying for your certification must not exceed 12 months.

What happens if my medical condition change after my Forklift Operator medical examination report?

You need to tell your local authority about some medical conditions as they can affect your driving and operate machinery. Check if a health condition affects your driving from: Use the A to Z to check if you need to report your condition and find the relevant form or questionnaire.