Medical Examination


The D4 Form is divided in two parts:

Medical Assessment
A routine medical examination approximately takes about 15 minutes; however, it may take longer depending on your medical history. We advise that you allow at least 1 hour for the appointment. On the day at the clinic the Doctor will:

  • Check your identification. Take a blood pressure measurement.
  • List on the D4 Form any medication you're currently taking.
  • List on the D4 Form any hospital consultant you see regularly.
  • Document your height, weight, smoking and alcohol history (To assist the Doctor it would be helpful to bring a note of your most recent weight and height with you).
  • Ask questions about your medical history and document it on the D4 form.

Vision Assessment
If there are any discrepancies during the eye test with or without glasses, the Doctor will leave this part of the D4 Form blank to be filled in by your personal optician.

For more information section by section of the D4 form, please click here.

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