Whiplash Medical Expert Witness Service

Expert Medicolegal Reporting
At the clinic, specialized medicolegal reporting services are provided for whiplash and other injuries. With a commitment to exceptional client care, the doctor personally handles each case from start to finish. We are MedCo accredited.


Services Offered
Appointment Arrangements: Patients can schedule appointments via the booking area on our website and select from available slots.
Report Preparation: Reports are prepared and delivered electronically within the required timeframe.
Further Investigations: If additional tests or investigations are needed, the doctor will arrange them.
Expert Recommendations: If additional expert opinions are required, the doctor will recommend the appropriate specialists.

The doctor is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for each case, with no hidden costs for finding the right experts.

Direct Medical Expert (DME)
As a Direct Medical Expert (DME) listed in MedCo, the doctor accepts direct instructions from Claimant Representatives or Authorised Users such as Insurers.

Terms and Conditions: The doctor will agree on terms and conditions with the Authorised User before accepting instructions. MedCo does not mediate payment disputes between instructing parties and the DME.

Practising Address:
The clinic is the designated location for all examinations, ensuring a confidential, private, safe, and professional environment.


Frequently Asked Questions
Why is a medical report needed if medical attention has already been sought?
For whiplash and often non-whiplash injuries, the compensator requires a medical report from an approved expert. The portal will guide users through this process.

Can a GP be used for a medical report?
No, an independent medical expert with the proper accreditation must be used.

If a medical examination is arranged independently outside of the portal, who pays for it?
The individual would need to pay for this themselves and claim it back from the compensator. It is advisable to consult with the compensator before arranging the examination.

Who pays for the medical examination?
The examination is usually arranged through the portal and paid for by the compensator.

How long will it take to complete the medical examination and get a report back?
It may take a few weeks to organize the examination and receive the report. Most claims require one report, but some may need more, which will take longer.

By offering personalized and professional medicolegal services, the doctor aims to provide the best possible support for each case.